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Coming from a Theatre background, Ruba Atiyeh has worked in theatre for years on the theme of displacement and estrangement. She wrote and acted in plays, for which she was awarded. She held drama workshops with second and third generation immigrants; and estranged groups, that came out with collective plays. In 2003 she assembled an Arab jury to choose the 100 most influential Arabic books of the 20th century, which she presented in a TV show for Jordan Television. Atiyeh has an MA in Documentary from Goldsmiths College, London. She has been making TV documentaries since 2003. Ruba has made many documentaries for Aljazeera Documentary channel and others, in addition to three shorts.

Ruba is currently in the post- production phase of “A Home of One’s Own”, her first authored experimental feature documentary, and in the development phase of her second authored hybrid film “FOG”. She teaches documentary filmmaking at the Lebanese University. She held four graduate documentary workshops at ALBA, and has been a trainer for emerging documentary filmmakers from Syria and Lebanon. Ruba is currently co-writing and producing two first feature films, fiction and documentary, for Egyptian and Syrian filmmakers Nadine Salib and Areen Al Asmi. Atiyeh has been a speaker in seminars that address Arab cinema after the Arab Spring, and has been a juror in the final round of the Emmy Awards documentary section. Atiyeh is also a student and researcher of Syriac language and history of the Fertile Crescent. She holds seminars and offers consultancies for works that address suppressed histories and archives.

Her documentaries include:

Mizrahis in Israel, writer and director 55 min Aljazeera Documentary Channel 2005.

Arab Israelis, writer and director 55 min Aljazeera Documentary Channel 2006.

Salute Comrade, producer and director 55 min Aljazeera Documentary Channel 2010.

Syriac Quitharat, writer and director, 55 min Aljazeera Documentary Channel 2011.

The Palestinian Draws His Face, writer and director 55 min Aljazeera Documentary Channel 2012.

Juliet, writer and director, 20 min Saadeh Foundation for Culture 2014.

Let Me Stand Alone, writer and director 44 min Kanaan Society, Rachel Corrie Institute 2015.

Tal Ezzaatar 40 min Aljazeera channel 2016.

Crack of the Soul, Producer, Feature Syrian Documentary by Areen Al Asmi in Editing 2019.

The Hanging Land, Producer and co-writer, Feature Egyptian Fiction by Nadine Salib, in preproduction 2019.

A Home of One’s Own: Author and director 77 min essay documentary 2019.

FOG: author and director 80 min hybrid feature 2020

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