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DR HANAN SELIM Health & Wellness


Dr. Hanan Selim is known as “the pharmacist of the future” and is part of the world’s leading experts in high-performance, preventative and behavioral healthcare. After the results she’s seen in her own transformation and many of the people she has worked with globally, she now mentors and coaches’ entrepreneurs, business owners and health professionals to multiply their impact and capabilities to gain a competitive advantage for their career or business. The brilliant brains behind the new rapid bio hacks revolution is Dr. Hanan Selim, author, international speaker and creator of the Healology system to heal the real. Enabling busy professionals to do and be their best. Her method is highly sought after by those who are looking for fast and effective “health and mind hacks” that can skyrocket results. Leveraging your full potential to thrive not just survive.

Dr. Hanan’s passion to help others maximize health and peak performance began at the age of 7 years old. As a child she decided to become a clinical pharmacist to give everyone medicine to feel better. Now, with over 25 years’ experience in healthcare and many awards for “best healthcare quality” she helps individuals globally maximize brain power, energy, focus, fat loss and flow.

Dr. Hanan Selim is available as speaker, Guest presenter or trainer. She has written research papers and spoken on how to obtain second chances to profit from your health and happiness.

Dr. Hanan Selim is a sought-after speaker on the following topics:

Profit From Health and Happiness: A Road Map

Key session highlights:

Happiness and Mental Health as a Developmental Priority: What is the role of government and organization communication in educating communities on the importance of happiness and mental health and the need to take the necessary steps to improve them? Do communities realise the impact of positivity on mental and physical health? Or the positive correlation between positivity, happiness and productivity? How can government and company communication encourage individuals to adhere to positive practices which have been scientifically proven to be effective amid an environment of constant change, volatility, pressure and negativity?

Human Development Science… Key to Sustainable Happiness: Are partnerships between governments, human development sectors and companies around the world an opportunity to create a happy generation capable of unleashing their full potential? How can government and companies’ communication raise awareness on self-development in local communities? What challenges might they face?

Mental Health as the Cornerstone of Physical Health: How does Mental health impact human happiness? Can preventive and lifestyle changes end global health issues? How can government and company’s communication contribute to promoting a healthy lifestyle as part of social culture? What is its role in ensuring the safety of individuals by providing reliable information on modern diets, slimming techniques, sports and dietary supplements?

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