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Specialist Topics Humanitarian Response
Social Impact
Stress Management
Emotional & Psychological Wellness
Workplace Wellness
Knowing Your Purpose
Coping with Life Issues
Creating a Meaningful Life
Grief & Trauma
Single Parenting
Surviving Abuse
Positive Thinking
Work Life Balance
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SARAH MOUSSA Social Development
Health & Wellness
Inspiration & Motivation


Sarah Moussa is a shamanic healer. spiritual teacher, writer, speaker. She is also the Founder of Sarah's Foundation which is focused on social and sustainable development.

In holding space as shamanic healer, I use different therapeutic methods to support men and women during their healing process, to heal, return to love, reclaim their power and wisdom, find their soul purpose and passion, to live their truth and share their gifts with the world.
I am specialized in trauma, grief, womb (women) and hara (men), feminine awakening, sexuality, mother wound/collective feminine wound, father wound/collective masculine wound, inner child, conscious parenting and ancestral healing.
I use breath work, movement and sound healing to support men and women to flow through their emotions, release and liberate themselves.

Healing Methods:
Womb Healing/Mentoring
Mediumship and Channeling
Meditation and Breath Work
Theta Healing
Meta Emotional Freedom Tapping
Energy Healing
Dream Therapy
Shamanic Journeys
Sacred Union Therapy (Relationships)


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Awards & References

MBC Hope Humanitarian Award

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