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NADINE MOUSSA Inspiration & Motivation
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We all have stories about our journeys in life. Some are talented storytellers and have the ability to appeal to a wide range of people, no matter where in the world they come from. We all love to listen to good stories.

Nadine has plenty of stories to share, with her nomadic childhood living in several countries in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Her upbringing in different cultures developed in her a strong sense of tolerance and cross-cultural understanding. Later as an undergraduate, she rediscovered those values at AIESEC. Her work with the international student organization sharpened her values and set her out on the journey to pursue its mission of peace and fulfillment of mankind's potential.

In 2008, Nadine’s life was put to the test. She found out that she had cancer, and took almost 2 years, fighting for her life and questioning her mindset, before she overcame the illness. It was a transformational journey that brought Nadine back on track in her life's journey. As the saying goes, what does not kill us, makes us stronger. This life-changing event led to her being an avid supporter of wellbeing and mental health, reflected in her position as ambassador of Mad World Summit, which promotes wellbeing and mental health in the workplace.

In 2011, she witnessed the unravelling of the Egyptian revolution. The events that unfolded awoke Nadine’s passion for writing and her yearning to understand her compatriots. She wanted to join the protests, but her husband would not hear of it. He was grateful that her health was on the upward curve and would not risk her safety. She understood, but still felt the need to do something. She was inspired by her friend Randa Haggag who was among the protestors. While talking to Randa, her idea to document her friend's story, and others, was born. As she developed her concept, she realized she would need to have a diverse array of opinions.

Nadine invested her time, listening to Egyptians, mostly strangers to her, in an effort to document Egyptian history. She met with 39 Egyptians, and wrote and re-wrote their stories over the course of 3 years. She edited the stories over another 3 years with 3 editors and self-published in another year. It took her 7 years to reach her dream of becoming an author. It was a journey of self-discovery.

In her book, Tahrir Voices: 18 Ordinary Egyptians in 18 Extraordinary days, Nadine utilizes a unique story-telling approach to share the accounts of 18 diverse Egyptians during the 2011 Revolution. She captures the scenes behind the 2011 Egyptian uprising by speaking to individuals at the heart of the revolution, each with varying experiences, often with opposing points of view, but united in wanting a better Egypt.

Nadine's success as a writer lies not only in her ability to turn snapshot views of ordinary people's lives into engaging prose, but also in the way she gets her subjects to open up to her, allowing her to share their stories, in the hope of Egyptians finding a common ground amongst varying points of view.

Nadine is an alumnus of the American University in Cairo with high honors who majored in Business Administration and minored in Philosophy. Nadine currently serves as a board advisory member of the international youth organization AIESEC, at AUC. She is a mentor with AUC Life Mentorship Program (LMP) and the Women in International Affairs Network, WIAN. She is among the global ambassador’s for Mad World Summit October 2019, where workplace, mental health and wellbeing will be discussed. She has 16 years in corporate with Nestle, her career spanned various roles in marketing and business development in Nestle Food Egypt, Kenya and recently Nestle Waters Egypt.

Nadine lives in Giza with her husband and two boys.

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