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17 August 2019

You look very young! How old are you? How many years of experience do you have? Why should I listen to what you are saying? Etc...


These are the types of questions I used to hear when I became a senior manager at a very young age.


A few years ago, I joined a large multinational organization as the youngest senior manager. My role was very critical at that time and I had to work very closely with the leadership team during a period of organizational changes. It was a tough period and it was challenging for me because of my young age at that time! One of my key objectives was to gain the management’s trust and make them believe in my capabilities and competences in order to be able to succeed.


Besides working hard towards my objectives, I started developing my personal brand. A major part of this was looking at my attire and my personal style, and I started reading about how personal image could play a role in achieving personal and professional goals, and the effect of a person's appearance on their professional image. This is where it all started! I changed my wardrobe to match my professional goals; I learned what styles to wear before my presentations. I chose the right colors before every meeting and before every important event. I understood the messages each fashion style and color give and I dressed for each professional occasion accordingly...And it worked!


I decided to take this to a next level and I studied ‘styling’ at London College of Fashion. Then I took it to another level and I decided to support women in the workplace by helping them dress for success. My objective was to help women look professional, gain confidence, feel good about themselves and build a strong personal brand that will help them in their career.


So why is it important to have a strong personal brand and how is it linked to dressing right? Personal branding offers an array of benefits to a person’s life and career; it helps in building confidence while gaining trusts, authenticity, and credibility.


Personal branding has become fundamental for the success of individuals in the workplace and with the ongoing challenges that women face in their careers, it has become more important than ever to develop their personal image among their colleagues and help them differentiate themselves in the workplace.


When a woman is dressed in the right style and color, she will feel comfortable while working and also confident, which will be reflected on her behavior and on her performance and that’s what others see. It also establishes trusts to the colleagues.


Each woman has a message that she wants to convey in the workplace and she has to dress up accordingly. A woman’s clothes say a lot about her and the objective of dressing right is to tell the real story behind the woman; her success story, her unique character, her professionalism, her capabilities and what she aims to achieve.


Dressing right communicates confidence, boosts the spirit, talent and skills within!


Written by: Omnia Samra

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