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17 June 2019

Having led an international career that entailed organizing and attending numerous events, conferences, as well as positioning speakers and driving thought leadership, there were many moments where we asked ourselves why. Why are there few or no Arab women on these conference panels, in boardrooms and meetings, or even in textbooks that highlight stories of inspirational women from across the world? Why are Arab women underrepresented generally in regional and global conferences? Most importantly, why do we see the same handful of women speakers at events over and over again; wrongly indicating a shortage of talent in or from our region? 


On the other hand, throughout interactions across the globe, we were asked a myriad questions that confirmed how much we, as Arab women, are misperceived. We asked ourselves repeatedly why are people surprised of our achievements, of our language abilities, of our knowledge and our global exposure. Our conclusion is that it was the lack of knowledge of our countries, our culture and our abilities. After pondering about what to do, we decided that the solution was to get out there, start sharing, speaking, spreading our rich culture, history and tradition in our own voice; simply put, we needed to showcase our best in class talent to the world. This is why She is Arab was born.


She is Arab, is the first dedicated speakers’ platform for Arab women in the world. We represent and develop Arab women speakers and thought leaders across every sector.


Through She is Arab, we aim to inspire the future generation of women in the region, and echo their knowledge and voice around the world. We will highlight success stories of Arab women role models from every sector, from every level, those who have visibility and those who don’t. We will bring hidden talent and thinkers to the forefront, handhold them through professional development, PR services and networking opportunities; and create a fresh pipeline of successful Arab women speakers and thinkers with a view of reversing stereotypes. We will honor the achievements and determination of the many women from the region who go above and beyond to deliver only outstanding work.  We will focus on gender balance at conferences and speaking events, and work to increase Arab women’s representation on the global speaking stage through matching women with relevant opportunities.


As Arab women, we felt that there was a need for us to write a new story for ourselves; one that reflects our true nature, lives and reality away from misperceptions and stereotypes that we have confronted for far too long. We have launched a platform that is unique in everyway. A tech-powered platform that will present a tool that enables Arab women to represent themselves to the world, through telling their own stories. Storytelling has the power to be the cultural bridge between our region and the world. We need to tell our story in our own voice.


As Arab women, we are proud of our region’s rich culture, history and tradition which enabled us to grow and succeed to the point of launching this platform and we want to share our own success story and that of thousands of Arab women with the rest of the world.


We aim to inspire women globally, build bridges for collaboration by giving women a voice. We will share our stories of passion, determination and achievement with the rest of the world. And we invite every Arab woman with a dream to share her voice with the world, to join our platform. We aspire to position Arab women at the forefront of speaking events globally, and together we wish to write the present and future of how we should be perceived.


Join us on our mission to make this difference, one step at a time. This is the mission of SHE IS ARAB.

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